5 Tips to Choose the Right Heavy-Duty Fertilizer Equipment Dealer


Agriculture is the foundation of the Montana economy. The state has 58 million acres of land used for agricultural production. Such large-scale agricultural production requires a wide selection of fertilizer equipment to meet varying needs.

Buying the wrong equipment means you are wasting your time and money and cannot prepare the field for the winter. But how will you know if you have the right set of equipment? For that, you need to find a trusted heavy-duty fertilizer equipment dealer in MT and follow the following tips for your purchase.

Don’t fall for the lowest prices

Montana has about 28,000 ranches and farms that need extensive fertilizers for growing crops and good-quality pastures. While you don’t need to pick the most expensive equipment for your farming needs, you should not settle for the lowest-priced equipment either.

Quality equipment should last for several seasons with some routine maintenance. You may save a few bucks on a sprayer truck this year, but they might break after minimal usage, and you need to get a new one the very next year.

So, be mindful not to sacrifice quality to save costs. It is best to have the right balance of affordability and quality for your fertilizer equipment.

Do your research

Before visiting the heavy-duty fertilizer equipment dealer in MT, you must thoroughly research. You can also ask for recommendations from your colleagues. If anyone is working with a specific dealer, you can ask for their advice and experience.

Customer reviews can also be helpful. You can take help from Google or the Better Business Bureau for unbiased reviews of local businesses. Furthermore, the dealer’s website could also provide helpful information.

Know about coverage

A business relying on heavy equipment use faces various risks. While you may manage these risks, you cannot eliminate them. However, with some coverage, you know that your business is protected from certain unexpected situations.

The types of coverage for which you may look are:

Specialized parts warranties: These are available for specific parts of your equipment.

Standard Manufacturer Warranties: The dealer guarantees that you can replace and repair the parts till a definite time after they have broken down.

Extended Protection Plans: These plans cover you beyond the standard machine warranty for labor and parts and offer protection for unplanned repair costs.

Most dealers will offer several options to help you choose the coverage that meets your needs and budget. The terms and coverage details usually vary by region, application, and product.

Examine the dealership

Look around as you visit the dealership. Check if it is clean and well-maintained. An unorganized and unkempt office can tell you a lot about how the dealership cares for the equipment and its service standards. So, you should ensure that the dealer has the best storage practices and proper documentation of their entire fleet.

Learn about financing packages

Purchasing heavy-duty equipment is a huge physical and financial investment. A good dealer will likely offer various financing options so you can pay for your equipment without burning a hole in your pocket.

Some common financial plans include rentals, leasing, and loans. It is ideal to discuss financial packages with the sales executive and learn which plan would best meet your needs.

Choosing fertilizer equipment can be daunting without the right knowledge. So, you must rely heavily on your research to find a trustworthy and reliable dealer. To enjoy more convenience, you may also try online shopping. Reputable dealers have listings of new and used equipment with clear mention of prices and discounts to ensure a hassle-free buying experience.