6 Things to Note When Planning Your Garden Space Before You Plant

Green Living

Some people are really lucky since they have a lot of land available for planting a garden. Still, there are some factors you have to bear in mind prior to that. Planning your garden space ahead of time will help you avoid problems that could hamper your gardening efforts.

Edible vs. Non-edible

There are basically two types of plants you could put in a garden: edibles such as vegetables and non-edibles like ornamentals. Between these two, edibles are definitely harder to take care of. Yet vegetables are very rewarding to cultivate because you can eat them. If you’ve set your heart on a vegetable garden, that is a good choice.

Investigate the Climate and Weather in the Area

Wherever it is you plan to plant, you need to do your research about both the climate and the weather patterns first. It does no good to undertake a lot of planning without taking into account these two factors. The climate and the weather will dictate which vegetables you could plant, in the right season. Ignoring these two will hamper your gardening efforts 100% unless you plan to use a greenhouse.

How Much Do You Want to Harvest?

This is very important because the projected size of your harvest will dictate how much gardening you need to do to produce that. For some, this is simply a hobby and you don’t expect to feed your family solely from the garden. You might be thinking of just focusing on a few key vegetables that are too expensive to buy. Or perhaps you are going to grow quite a lot since you’d like to become self-sufficient in vegetable consumption. When you know how much you intend to produce, that makes planning much easier.

How Much Time Do You Have For Gardening?

This is where many people flounder because they overestimate their capacity to garden. Some people may only have a few hours in the afternoon or on weekends. You may want to start with a small garden if you’re unsure that you can devote many hours to it.

Time management also means energy management. Do you already feel tired when it’s time to put on your gardening gloves and start planting? When is your energy at its peak? Gardening means exercising so you need to factor your other activities in too.

Some people may be unsure that they’re learning how to do vegetable gardening the right way. If so, you might look for specialists in gardening services in Singapore. If you later tire of raising vegetables, you may also look for experts in landscaping services instead. Either way, you’re bound to learn a lot about gardening with these two specialized fields alone.

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