A Brief Introduction to Green Roof Maintenance

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Nowadays, people are showing more interest in green roofs as it has a positive impact on our environment. In addition to that, green roofs are more durable and can increase the performance of your roof and also, help in cutting your energy bill too.

If such green roofs are constructed correctly by a professional company like Roof Repair Insider then it will need relatively low maintenance. This means that you can easily carry on enjoying all the benefits of the green roof without spending a huge time and money on their upkeep.

At what frequency should you water the green roof?

Those who live in an area that experiences some pretty wet as well as dreary weather, may complain about it. However, it will keep your green roof well fed and watered without asking for any extra input from you.

The amount of water, however, will depend on what kind of plants you want to have on the green roof. As an example:

  • Usually, Sedum roofs are very easy to maintain irrespective of the weather and your roof can survive easily for a long time even if you do not feed any water.
  • Your intensive green roofs where you have planted bigger plants e.g. trees and small bushes will be more vulnerable to dryer and sunny weather where you need an odd sprinkler.
  • The most helpless green roofs will be those that feature a few plants like wildflowers – these can fade quickly without water.

For any type of plants that you want on your roof, you must have a suitable irrigation system for providing extra water if required. You will have to keep an eye so that you know for how long your green roof can survive during sunny weather. If dry weather lasts more than 2 weeks, then you need to be proactive about watering the plants.