Five Characteristics of a Traditional Kitchen

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Deciding what kitchen style to choose is worrisome and exhausting at some point. There are many styles to choose from – traditional, contemporary, modern and transitional. If you bumped into this article, I guess you weigh more on a traditionally styled kitchen for your next remodeling project.

To give you a little heads up, traditional kitchen designs are based on the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century schemes. Different from a minimalist modern style, traditional ones focus on having grandiose details and intricate architectural designs. It is oozing in aesthetic details on every corner that compliments one another.

If you want to have a more traditional look for your upcoming kitchen remodeling Redondo Beach, here are a few of the best and most celebrated features of a traditional kitchen that you should take note of.


Rather than using fabricated and edgy materials like concrete and metal, traditional kitchens mix different materials like stained wood and patterned stones. It highlights the imperfections of stone and wood to add more detail.


Shades of cream, gray, beige, and sage are commonly used for this style. Stains are also added to add a timeless feel to the room.


Bring to mind that a traditional vintage look will always be full of decorative pieces. Add a pop of features like corbels, crown moldings, light fixtures to fill in the open spaces. Remember that every corner must be filled with subtle details.


Opt for a natural-looking countertop like quartz or quartzite for your kitchen space. The key to a perfect countertop is its alignment to the overall ambiance and position.


Recessed and raised panel cabinets are the norm for every traditional kitchen. It should have raised moldings and elaborate profiles perfect for decorative inserts like mesh and glass.

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Five Characteristics of a Traditional Kitchen