Four Factors to Consider when Choosing Ceramic Tiles

Home improvement


When it comes to flooring, ceramic tiles are among the most preferred options on the market. These tiles have clean and hygienic properties, are affordable, and available in wide varieties of colours, sizes, shapes, and patterns. In general, you can pick between glazed or unglazed ceramic tiles. If you are on the market for ceramic tiles for flooring, below are the factors to consider:

Suitability of the Tiles to your Home’s Style

Before you pick ceramic floor tiles, think about the style of your home. You want to buy tiles that match your home’s general concept. For instance, you don’t want to install elaborate Victorian ceramic tiles to your minimalist, modern home. Ideally, ceramic tiles for floors will make a home look spacious and simple.

Room Size

A medium or large room will look more spacious and open with huge ceramic tiles. But, small to medium ceramic tiles are often used in smaller rooms such as bathrooms. For the ceramic tiling of your bathroom, leaving space for grout between smaller tiles can add more traction for feet and can minimise the risk of slipping. Small ceramic tiles are also used for backsplash in kitchens.

Tile Colour

A room can feel much bigger with bright coloured Ceramique au Sommet Montreal. For instance, pastel or cream tiles let narrow areas like bathrooms to look bigger than they are. Using darker ceramic tiles can help create a warm ambiance, particularly for rooms that are bigger and more open plan with sufficient lighting. 

For frequently-used areas, combining ceramic tile colours is a great idea. The contrasting colour can help disguise floors that tend to get dirty easily.  For this, you can combine colours like grey and white, brown and tan, or textured ceramic tiles to achieve this look. 

Moreover, grout also plays an essential role when thinking about an attractive colour contrast for floor tiles. If you want to accentuate the interplay of designs and lines, ensure the grout colour contrasts the colour of the ceramic floor tiles.  But, choosing grout in matching colour to the tiles will create a roomy and seamless effect on your flooring. 

Tile Pattern and Texture

Your choice of tile pattern and texture largely depends on your preference. Picking between glazed and unglazed tiles or plain and patterned is a personal choice. Keep in mind that glazed ceramic tiles are easier to clean while their unglazed counterparts require polishing to make sure they don’t’ get dirty or stained easily.