Guidelines On Mosquito Control


Mosquitoes can turn sitting on the porch and gardening into extremely uncomfortable situations. However, by following the steps below, you will be able to gain more mosquito control by safely reducing mosquito populations. This will lead you to having more enjoyable experiences with outdoor activities and safeguard yourself against diseases that mosquitoes assist in spreading.

Eliminate Standing Water

To control mosquito populations, the most vital thing to do is to manage bodies of standing water in your surroundings. Mosquitoes love water that is standing still. To these insects, the perfect home is a nice little puddle that stays around for at least a few days. Larger bodies of water such as lakes and rivers are less attractive to them.

Research has shown that there is a link between water that has a lower oxygen content and a large number of mosquitoes. This makes sense since water becomes oxygenated when it is mixing with air and moving. Water has low oxygen when it is stagnant and still.

Ensure that all the mosquito breeding grounds in your yard are eliminated or treated. Small ponds and puddles are the obvious ones; however, there are other locations you should consider looking. Experts have stated that in as little as a half an inch of water, mosquitoes can breed.

Gain Mosquito Control by Cutting Tall Grass and Shrubbery

Mosquitoes enjoy resting in tall grass, shrubs and other plants. This is a bit different from the water problem since water is an actual breeding site for mosquitoes. Eliminate water and this will make is difficult for mosquito reproduction. Where long grass is concerned, mosquitoes enjoy spending their resting time in these overgrown hideout spots.

During the daytime, the insects swoop in and typically hide in tall grass. This is why you frequently encounter mosquitoes when taking a walk in long grass, although the rest of a park or yard might be seemingly mosquito-free, because they are being stirred up. Among the tall grass, they will eat and if there is moisture, they lay eggs and breed; which are all the things no one wants them to do.

Keeping grass at a length of 5 inches or less, if possible, will stop mosquitoes from gathering there. Doing this will force them to go elsewhere; however, this is a better alternative to having the insects spreading diseases around humans.

Fog or Spray Key Areas Around the Yard

Fogging a yard for mosquitoes may conjure up the image of an individual in gloves and a mask, spewing a mist or fog into the air. This is not exactly an image that evokes friendliness to the environment; still, there is a place for fogging. Homeowners with yards that are especially attractive to mosquitoes should consider fogging occasionally. This indicates using a product that has the active ingredient of cyfluthrin or pyrethroid to treat key areas. These areas include:

• Long grass and shrubs
• Shaded areas
• Areas within 12 to 15 feet of major human activity like playset and patio

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