Hiring ALawn Expert: Questions To Ask

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For many homeowners, nurturing their lawns and gardens is a part of their daily lifestyle. The appearance of your lawn is important because that’s the first thing visitors notice when entering your house. If you have a lawn at your place, you have to devote time to mow it. Unfortunately, it’s quite a challenging task. This is where the need for a lawn mowing company comes in. If you are looking for a reliable and professional lawn mowing service provider, there are a few questions asking which would help you make a decision easily.

What kind of insurance coverages do you provide? 

Mowing is a challenging task. While using the equipment and machinery, unfortunate mishaps or property damages might occur. Usually, every professional company provides repairs to such damages. Though, such accidents occur in extremely rare cases, if you have hired a completely trained and experienced mowing company, but you must have an idea about how the company handles such events.

What does the contract cover? 

Before the workers visit your place to work, you need to sign a contract. Read the contract thoroughly. You must be clear with every clause in the agreement. You must know how long are they going to provide you services and at what rates. Make sure there are no hidden charges involved. Do they offer only mowing services? Or their services include other additional works like gardening, lawn fertilizing, etc. Enquire your queries before signing the contract.

How do they maintain their equipment? 

An experienced mower can identify grasses cut with a sharp and dull blade. Usually, homeowners change the blades of their equipment twice a year. However, professional lawn mowing service providers change them every 2 days. So, before you settle with a company, ask how many hours of mowing do they conduct before they change the blades. The answer mustn’t be more than 10 hours a day.

Do they apply chemical fertilizers and pesticides? 

Being the owner of your lawn, you must be willing to keep your lawn in the best possible condition. This includes keeping pests out of your lawn. Enquire from your hired service provider if they apply effective pesticides for killing pests.

Before you proceed to hire a company, ask about the process they follow from the beginning to the end. Remember that various companies will have various ways of providing services. Make sure the quality of the service you would derive is worthy of your investment.