How Carpets and Rugs Differ in Maintenance and Cleaning?

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Carpets and rugs are interchangeable terms many people use because they look similar and are used as floor coverings. Both are essential floor coverings, but susceptible to the accumulation of dirt and debris. Both need proper cleaning using an area rug cleaner hartford wi or their quality will start degrading. However, there is some dissimilarity between rugs and carpets as well as their cleaning method.

What are rugs?

Rugs are thick and designed from woven fabric. They cover the floors of specific areas. Mostly rugs are placed under the sofa, dining table, or other furniture. You can find rugs in a variety of colors and designs that can make your home look beautiful. They are small and can be moved easily to any other place you desire.

For extending the rug’s life you can hire a carpet and rug cleaning company. FlooringDomain is a great platform to look for rug & carpet cleaners around your locality in Australia. Professionals help to bring your rug and carpet back to life. For rug maintenance –

  • Use rug pads to keep them safely and securely in place. It not just offers protection but also extends the rug’s life.
  • To prevent fading in spots exposed to UV rays as well as lessen the wear & tear rotate the rug periodically.
  • Accidental spills or pet things never wet the rug or apply chemical cleaning solution for cleaning. It can damage the fibers. Remove the debris or blot the spill and have the rug cleaned professionally to avoid permanent odors and stains.
  • Even if there are no stains or spills rugs will need a professional cleaning every year to eliminate dirt settled deep inside the bottom layers. It also helps to repair damage like flattening the fluffs.
  • Rugs have multiple colors, so the chances of color bleeding are more. The carpet cleaning method is not appropriate for the rugs because carpets are designed from a single color. Professionals use different cleaning methods to clean rugs and avoid color bleeding.
  • Rugs have fringes, so special care is necessary while cleaning. If fringes get impaired the woven fabric turns loose and becomes vulnerable to tearing. So special care has to be taken while cleaning them.

What are carpets?

Carpets are wall-to-wall floor coverings. It is a functional component for a home. It is designed from thick fabric and offers frictions. It does not cause slipping as it is installed tightly. Regular vacuuming is not enough for maintenance but you will need to hire a carpet cleaning company. Carpet maintenance includes –

  • Regular vacuuming to eliminate the dirt and dust.
  • Address spills instantly because if stains sit on the carpet for long it will be hard to remove. Use approved cleaning products that suit your carpet type.
  • If you see snags never pull them but clip them with scissors.
  • For removing furniture dents rub quarter edges across to encourage fibers to stand up.
  • Professional hot extraction or steam cleaning every year helps to sanitize your carpets. Steam cleaning does a great job in eliminating the severe soiling, odor, and revives the look of the carpet.

Make sure to take care of your investment and home interior aesthetic!