How to mow the lawn in monsoon

How to mow the lawn in monsoon?


The varying seasons can be pretty demanding without the need to worry about how your yard is dealing with rain continuously beating down on it. Monsoon can be mostly hard on grassy areas since water collects and begins causing problems.

Tips for mowing lawn in rain

Do not mow a wet lawn

Wet grass generally leads to a mess to clean up in addition to irreplaceable harm to both your lawn and the tools utilized. Cutting breakable blades following rains results in weakening and has issues while it comes to growing again.

The wet grass will most possibly clump into parts, and if you do not clean them correctly, it is likely to cause spots of dead grass all around the lawn. Repairing the damage caused by mowing your wet yard is not worth the problem.

You must never use lawn mowing tractors butler pa when the lawn is wet; rather, wait until it dries out thoroughly before you do anything. Mowing the lawn in the rain will not just cause compaction; but, it can result in the growth of potholes in the soft ground. You must avoid utilizing an electric mower on damp lawns. After your lawn has thoroughly dried out to mow, make sure that you utilize the greatest cutting altitude on the mower blades.

Try not to cut the grass very short

Many of us are likely to cut the grass as short as possible, thinking that it will give a cleaner and more professional appearance. Tall grass seems not just more friendly and plusher but aids in supporting the yard’s overall health.

Tall grass promotes deeper roots that, in turn, avoid soil erosion. Avoiding soil erosion is vital in monsoon, while runoff can make trenches or bald patches in the lawn. A sturdy root system aids ward off disease, heat stress, and pests.

Aerate the yard

If your yard has been very damp for a very long period, it can help with some aeration. Aeration can be performed either manually or by utilizing a garden fork or power aerator. But, remedial treatments like incising, top-dressing, or reseeding bare patches will have to wait until following spring.

Remove moss

Algae and moss tend to accumulate on rainy days, which is not so ideal for your yard. So how do you get rid of moss in lawn?You can try taking away the algae and moss, but ensuring that it never grows again may need professional interference.

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