How to Select the Perfect Main Doors for Your HDB Home in Singapore?


Your front door is the most important part of your home where you can make statements in your home. It is the first thing you see when you walk into your house.

When you welcome someone to your home, the first thing they will notice is the main door, which will create an impression in their mind about the rest of your home.

Choosing the appropriate main doors might be tough with so many options on the market. The entry doors serve as a deterrent to robbers as well as an aesthetic feature. It also functions as a boundary and aids in the interior décor of a home.

Main qualities of any good main door

  • When selecting an entry door, such as metal entrance doors, several features must be considered. This will ensure that you do not make an error and select the best solution.
  • The entry iron door’s structure must be sturdy. The frame should be formed of a single-piece bent profile with 5-6 stiffening ribs, which will provide strong and durable protection.
  • To keep outside noises and odours out, doors must have adequate sound and heat insulation.
  • The door should be a minimum of80 kg in weight and the steel sheet has to be a minimum of 1.5 mm thick.
  • An armour plate is necessary for the lock’s core, as it guards the lock against burglary.
  • Experts recommend using a variety of locks with various locking systems, such as cylinder and lever locks.

Material of door

Aside from its most common wood, you have numerous options available at GDW Supplies Pte Ltdwhen you consider door materials. The following are the various door materials:

Wood door

Wooden doors are a timeless alternative for doors that exude elegance and charm. There are hardwood and plywood doors available in this collection. Hardwood doors are sturdy and hefty, and hence, they are more expensive, but plywood doors can be light and inexpensive.

Both of these varieties are available in manytextures,grains, and wood colours.

Wooden doors are extremely durable, strong, insulating, and attractive, providing excellent value for money to their owners. Before purchasing your main door, be sure to speak with many providers. This way, youcan receive high-quality materials as well as high-quality installation workmanship and services.

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Metal door

Metal doors can also be a fantastic choice for primary doors because they are strong and long-lasting. They come in several styles and designs, hence you won’t be limited in your metal choices.

Depending on your design motif, you can select a certain metal door. A metal door, for example, looks well in any industrial or industrial-Scandinavian design.

Glass door

Glass is a quite modern and stylish material to utilize for a house’s front door. It provides strong insulation while also allowing plenty of light to enter the space.

Surely, it has the drawback of sacrificing privacy, but this may be mitigated by erecting a curtain that can be either drawn or pushed back to meet your needs.

Now that the glass used in your glass doors is strong and indestructible, there is no need to worry about security. Also, you can personalize your main door just by picking a wood frame and adding glassblocks or panels to it.

Aluminium door

PVC with metal profiles is another common material for afront door. These provide strong, long-lasting effect in a variety of forms and designs. Because of how easy they are to maintain and clean, they are always a good choice.

They are less susceptible to external temperature, humidity, and weather, making them an excellent choice for your main door.

Laminate door

Plywood sheets are squeezed and cemented together under great pressure to create laminate doors. The end product is a door that is extremely sturdy, adaptable, and shock-resistant. They are available in severaltextures,designs, and styles. They are simple to maintain and clean, so theymake a fantastic option.

HDB Fire-rated doors requirements in Singapore

A fire-rated door is designed to slow or even prevent the fire/smoke spread during any fire event. Typically, such doors are substantial and made of durable, non-flammable materials or fire-resistant MDF. They should not burn if correctly fitted and capable of controlling the combustion spread within a defined time range. In Singapore, you may need to get a fire-rated HDB door by the Singapore government. Be sure you understand the regulations and get the right door for your home today.