Install Different Types Of Winter Mats In Your Store To Protect Your Customers

Home improvement

Are you prepared for the upcoming winter season? A business owner needs more preparation than a normal household before he is ready to make a profit during the fall month.

With snow and rain comes a lot of moisture indoors and makes the floor slippery. This often results in slip and fall accidents in the retail stores for which the business owner can be held legally responsible. To prevent yourself from getting into legal issues and to ensure the safety of your customers, you must take certain steps like installing outdoor and indoor floor mats before the winter arrives.

You can also use this as a chance to promote your business and invest in some customized logo mats from the Ultimate Mats. They have hundreds of designs in mats that are specifically created to absorb moisture and prevent the floor from getting wet. These mats come with a rubber backing and have anti-slip features. All these features come in brightly colored mats with your business logo printed on them.

Types of winter mats

  1. Entry mats:
  • These mats are placed at the entrance of a store and serve two purposes.
  • It keeps the moisture out and protects the indoor carpets.
  • Secondly, it helps in keeping the indoors clean by keeping the grime that customers bring in unintentionally with their snow-covered boots.
  • Thus, entry mats will also reduce the cost of regular cleaning of carpets that lines the floor of the interiors of your store.
  1. Rubber drainage mats:
  • Can be used anywhere and are a great solution to keep germs and odor away from your store.
  • You can easily rub your shoe with this mat and get rid of all the dirt from the shoe bottom.
  • These mats will not just protect your customers but also your employees from getting sick with infectious diseases.
  1. Water hog mats:
  • These are very durable mats specially designed to trap the moisture and dirt below the surface of the mat.
  • This mat comes with high traction and is very easy to maintain.
  1. Indoor winter mats or carpets:
  • These are brightly colored and appropriate for keeping indoors neat.
  • These mats can also help you in hiding any damage or irregularity on the floor of your store while also protecting the floor from external damages.
  • These mats come with a vinyl-back to keep them in place to prevent any tripping hazards.
  1. Shoe disinfectant mats:
  • These mats are made of specialized materials that are resistant to chemicals and changes in temperature.
  • The mat has a thick border that contains the disinfection solution inside.
  • There are special rubber fingers in the mat to provide scrubbing action.
  • These mats are lined with suction cups to keep the mat in place.

Thus, by using such mats you make an impression on your customers that their safety is valued and that your store is a hygienic and safe place for them. This increases customer loyalty and they will return to your store, in turn increasing your sales. Happy purchasing.