Pendant lights to decorate your interior

Home improvement

Pendant lights use to be everywhere: in fashionable boutiques or restaurants and in decoration shops. Because these decorative elements are not simply luminous for their illuminating function, they bring with them beauty and design to any interior. Color, shape, style, layout, have fun with your pendant lights!

The shape of your pendant light

If you have chosen several suspensions rather than just one, do not limit yourself to reproducing the same one several times. Try different shapes. In the event that your decoration so prepared, you can select luminaires which are fully diverse from each other.

The color of your pendant light

The association of colors in decoration is not easy but if you feel the soul of a painter who wants to marry the colors, go for it!

The disposition of your suspension

For a very chic and designer side, you can align your aim pendant replica. It works great above a table. On the ceiling, you can also do an alignment, but settle for three hangers with a certain gap rather than an alignment of a large number of hangers.

The style of your pendant light

As with everything else in decoration, there are many styles of aim pendant lights. Those that use to be on the rise happens to be simple aim pendant lights. Containing of a single bulb, they might provide lots of charm and look to your interior. Hand-made suspensions are also very popular. The canvas use to be full of seminars presenting to make your individual suspension

A pendant lamp for which room?

In the entrance, you can, if your entrance lends itself, choose a rather majestic pendant light. This is the place where your guests enter your home.

In the living room, it is usually in this common space that you can find the suspensions, you can also play the card of the spectacular. Above your dining table, you can install cluster pendant lights. And you have the opportunity to differ the extents of electric wires. It’s everything about style and based on what your inclinations are.

In the kitchen, choose an effective and simple aim pendant light, which offers you with lighting appropriate for making your meals. Better to check obviously by peeling your vegetables instead of risking a cut for absence of light.

In the bedroom, the aim pendant light supports the cocoon side. Favour paper or fabric for soft, restrained lighting.