Pest Control Options In A Nutshell

Pest Control

If you live in a place with year-round tropical weather, parts of your home may have already been made favorite breeding grounds by pests. Some of these pests are hard to see and difficult to remove. Certain ones will show up in frightening numbers. It is essential to give all pests their marching orders from your home as soon as possible. In this article, we will take a quick look at the typical pests found in and around homes, some signs to look for, as well as some tips on effectively dealing with them or you can hire a pro like this pest control California option.

Now You See Them

Ants will typically be found in large numbers wherever there is some kind of waste to be removed. If you have ever spilled sugar or anything sweet and not cleared up the mess completely, you might have found a carpet of these efficient creatures on your kitchen floor the next morning. They enter and exit through cracks and holes in basement or ground floor walls.

Now You Don’t

Mice hide themselves much better than this. They are very quick escape artists that are able to hear people coming from a long way away. Mice make nests in the gap between inner and outer walls, making themselves not easily seen by humans, though cats and dogs will frequently get wind of them or hear their scratching causing these pets to become frantic and infuriated by their hardly visible tormentors.

Mice do leave telltale signs of their presence, however. They chew into all kinds of wood including furniture and skirting boards. They gnaw holes into cardboard and paper food containers. They leave their tiny droppings in various locations. There is no way your dog or cat could make poops that small, and that means only one thing: there are mice somewhere in the house.

Garden Pests

Aphids are so tiny they are easily missed. What you will not miss, however, is the damage they do to your plants. Imagine giving tender loving care to your flower beds and then one morning you find the greenery and petals nibbled. This is a sure sign that you have insects in your garden, and they could be little green aphids.

Pest Control Options

A lot of consumers these days are too humane to consider using rodent control fort worth tx to catch mice, or poison to kill off rodents and insects. Consumers are worried that children will, in one way or another, eventually get hold of the poison, or that their pets will eat it by mistake. Even if a rat or mouse ate the poison first, another animal might eat the rodent and be killed as well. Moreover, some poisons, by design, cause animals to die a slow, cruel death. As for traps, the same is true: if the animal does not die right away it has to suffer a while.

In the event that you do decide to use pesticides as your pest-fighting method of choice, here are some quick tips for safe and correct use:

• Keep children and pets away from spots treated with pesticides.
• Always take to heart everything on the pesticide’s label including instructions, safety warnings, and how to dispose.
• Use only chemicals approved for home use.
• Always store pesticides using their original containers.

Some pests, such as aphids, can be removed with the introduction of beneficial insects such as ladybugs. These beautiful bugs, available at nurseries, have a powerful bite, but it is reserved for other bugs, not begonias. If you have other insects plaguing your garden or home, such as gnats and flies, then consider setting up a pond with frogs in it to eat the insects. Attract dragon flies and bug-eating birds into your garden. This is natural pest control.

As for mice and ants, the best control is prevention. Clean up all spills immediately and seal all foods in glass or thick-plastic containers. Keep and store food properly and pests will not bother, and eventually leave.