Relocate Fragile Items Safely: The Techniques Followed by Safe Ship Moving Services to Protect Delicate Belongings During Transit


Packing fragile items is the most complex and worrisome task of moving. By nature, their delicacy makes them vulnerable to damage or break due to poor packing or any kind of mishandling. Since all packing goes through multiple hands in the course of moving, taking extra care and using the best techniques of packing them is the key to ensuring they will remain safe and secure. Knowing these tricks that professional movers and packers like Safe Ship Moving Services adopt can be helpful for homeowners to pack their delicate belongings before moving to protect them from all possible damages.

To explore these secrets of packing fragile items keep reading the following tips:

Use The Appropriate Packing Supplies

Before packing up any kind of delicate items like glassware, computer systems, musical instruments, etc., make sure to adopt exclusively high-quality packing supplies to retain the goods in upright condition and damage-free in the course of moving. Eventually, that is what will protect the stuff from breaking. Also, remember to have the patience to spend a bit more time for packing considering the value of the things.

Cover Things with Bubble Wrap 

According to Safe Ship Moving Services, the most vital part of packing fragile items is using bubble wrap for wrapping them. In the age of online shopping, most people have noticed how online marketplaces ship delicate things by using bubble wrap. This is because it works as an ideal cushioning to keep the goods safe and intact no matter how long-distance moving it withstands. Remember, the bubbled side needs to be facing the object as that offers the best shield while the texture surface can grip the things much better compared to the flat side and thereby prevent the item from shifting during transit.

Place the Goods into the Box 

Once after wrapping, put the thing into corrugated carton boxes. Wondering about why to use corrugation boxes? This is because its fluted characteristic not only makes them lightweight and easily portable but contributes to the durability and resistance of the boxes. This protects the boxes from getting dented which can impact the goods inside.

Never Leave Space Empty 

Although, keeping the weight of the box minimal should be the idea to minimize moving costs, however, do not leave any space empty since it will cause fragile things to move around. Use supplies like foam or thermocol chips to fill up the space that helps keep the item inside snug and secure throughout moving. Instead of increasing the weight of the packing, using this type of good quality packing supplies decreases the chances of the fragile item knocking together.

Seal Box Carefully 

Never forget to seal the carton carefully with high-quality packing tape once the packing process is complete. Importantly make sure to seal the bottom of the box before keeping the goods in it to prevent the items from spilling out. Thereafter, tightly close the box using packing tape.


Since the box contains fragile items, it is most vital to label the box as ‘FRAGILE’ alongside ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’. Doing so will draw the instant attention of the moving person handling it making him handle the box with extra care.

Following the tips above will help individuals relocate their fragile and delicate items securely to their destination in intact condition.