Smart Ideas For Pool Landscaping In Austin

Home improvement

Harmonizing your swimming pool with the landscape design is a great way to enhance your property value. Don’t let your pool area stay dull. Turn it into a beautiful oasis with the right features while complementing the surrounding landscaping elements. Behold some brilliant tips Austin pool builder may suggest to beautify your pool area.


A fire pit is a wonderful natural source of light you can add to the landscape surrounding the pool. An active fireplace doubles as an accent piece, drawing attention to the backyard. Moreover, it keeps the swimmers warm so they will want to cozy up around the fire even on chilly evenings. Regardless of the season, a fire pit around the pool offers the much-needed ambiance.

Accent Plants

If you have some plants in your garden, consider using them to spruce up the pool landscaping. The best poolside plants have vibrant splashes of color and lush textures for a calming aura. Balance out pool pavers with ornamental grass borders across the deck. For accent plants, you don’t have to start with a full garden. A few potted plants are just perfect. Go for varieties that do not shed leaves often. They should be low-maintenance and resilient to the prevailing climate. Good examples are Aloe Vera, weeping dalea, live oaks, red Justicia, palm trees, and octopus agave. Shrubs, succulents, vines, cactuses, and trees thrive best next to swimming pools but make sure they do not have invasive roots.

LED Lights

A well-designed lighting scheme is an awesome idea that must not be an afterthought. An experienced Austin pool builder can install color-changing LED strips around the pool circumference. Or they can add underwater spotlights for an impressive view at night. Underwater lights are usually enclosed in waterproof fixtures. LEDs for pools offer cooler and more vivid lighting that adapts to any occasion. You can change the colors to set a specific mood for a holiday.


A poolside cabana is a raised deck that adds functionality to the pool area. It is a convenient place for the guests to keep their towels or enjoy food and drinks. It can be fully enclosed or open with seats, barbecue, fridge, and storage space.


Patio pavers with mixed materials are popular with swimming pool landscaping. They are great for modernizing a property without trying an expensive remodel. Oversized pavers are bold and noticeable, hence perfect for an indoor-outdoor effect.

Water Features

Add an element of sophistication to the pool with a water feature if you are looking for a resort-style setting. A modern blade fountain or sprouts tickling from natural rocks are impressive water features. Make sure your choice complements your property design and is proportionate to the pool size. For a plunge pool, opt for a small design. On the other hand, a grand water feature is ideal for a larger pool.

The first step to landscaping the pool area is eliminating clutter. A qualified pool builder starts by removing all the unnecessary stuff. Clearing up junk helps to discover new landscaping opportunities. If you’re not sure where to start with pool decking, request a consultation with an Austin pool builder who has done the job for decades.