Swamp Coolers – Cool Air At Low Cost

Home improvement

As summer approaches, getting a portable swamp cooler could be an essential investment. Swamp coolers are common in temperate regions where heat is an issue, and electric bills have to be kept at a minimum. The main goal of a swamp cooler design is to provide an alternative to air conditioners. It reduces electric consumption but achieving lower room temperatures.

Features of swamp coolers

Swamp coolers come in various shapes and sizes designed to meet three needs; humidifying the air, cooling, and circulating the air.

  1. Humidification: A portable swamp cooler is designed to work with water as a coolant. You can add water through the tray provided, and the cooler blows mist to keep the humidity at normal levels. Your skin retains moisture and will not get dry.
  2. Cooling and circulation: Swamp coolers do not work in the same cooling capacity as air conditioners. However, they are capable of keeping the temperature of a room low and comfortable. One feature of swamp coolers is the quick cooling system that allows owners to add ice or cold water to the cooler and get an immediate cooling result. A few liters of water can last a long time in the machine before it would require a refill.

Swamp coolers are also designed to improve air circulation in a room. The fans are broad with a powerful motor that keeps air in constant circulation, thereby removing smells faster and increasing the cooling speed.

One other important feature of swamp coolers is the cost-effectiveness of owning one. In terms of costs (purchasing, installation, and electric bills), a portable swamp cooler is far cheaper than most air conditioners. On average, you can purchase one for a few hundred dollars or less, have it installed by professionals, and generally spend less on maintenance than you would have on air conditioners. The fairly-low prices make it an excellent choice to go for a swamp cooler –you get cool air at a low cost.

What is more? There is no limit to how these amazing coolers can be deployed. Users can employ them for industrial purposes, combined to provide cooling for man and machines. They are also useful for outdoor events, including sports activities, gatherings, exercising, hangouts, camping, livestock farms, etc. Being portable machines, you can deploy or remove a swamp cooler when you want using the wheels beneath. This mobility gives an advantage over fixed air conditioners.