Taking Diggers To Work, How Hiring A Mini Excavator Changes The Dynamic Of A Site


The humble excavator makes a big difference to how a construction site functions, but a mini excavator has been a gamechanger for the industry. If you are looking to plant hire services to help you with mini excavator hire, you’ll receive a piece of machinery that offers you the same capabilities as a normal sized excavator,  but with the extra benefit of it being small enough in size to work effectively in small, tight spaces. 

What is a mini excavator?

There are different names for the mini excavator that you might come across, including a compact excavator, a mini digger, or a small excavator. They all mean the same thing, a smaller excavator that provides you with the means to dig and perform other digger tasks, in a tight space. 

Taking a mini digger to a construction site changes the complexity of what is possible for your crew of workers. Most of the time, a mini digger is brought on site purely because it makes life much easier, conducting tasks that a big excavator would do for large scale projects, but that would be left to hard, time-consuming, manual labour on site potentially if it is too small a space for a larger machine. 

When should I hire a mini excavator?

Construction and landscaping projects that are on a small scale and still require digging capabilities, are the common project types you’ll see mini excavator hire being desired for. These types of projects include, the demolition of small buildings and outbuildings, roadside applications, landscaping projects, general digging tasks on construction sites, grave digging, small-scale home refurbishment projects, repairing sewage lines and pipes, tree harvesting, and more. 

How does mini excavator hire benefit a site?

There are a few different benefits to hiring a mini excavator for use on a construction site. It really does shift the dynamic of how your contractors can operate, and how successful the project as a whole can be. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities when compared with the manual labour of the past and the limitations of the larger, traditional excavators.

Simple operation – Any operator of a traditional digger will have no problems with a mini excavator. It is a simple piece of machinery to use on site, and with the right support from your plant hire services, you’ll have everything you need to be operating to full capacity within a few minutes.

Cost-effective solution – Using plant hire, especially for smaller machinery, saves your company and project money, which is really useful within an industry where schedules and budgets are tight. Plant hire ensures you only hire what you need, when you need it, rather than being lumbered with a piece of machinery that you don’t need all the time, but you’ve paid full price for. Smaller excavators are also a lower cost than large, traditional excavators.

Great for tight spots – Smaller construction sites find difficulty in getting heavy machinery and equipment on site, and then in a position to be used effectively. Mini excavators can be delivered with ease to any location, even with restricted access (a good plant hire company will always take care of this), and can be used in tight, small spaces to great effect.

Lower noise pollution – One of the biggest problems any construction site faces is noise pollution, whether in a tight city centre location, or in the countryside and a remote location. Mini excavators create much lower noise levels than their larger counterparts, helping to change the dynamic of a site and its perception from the local community around the site.

Taking mini diggers to work changes the face and function of any construction site. It opens up a whole host of opportunities, increases performance levels and efficiencies, whilst lowering costs and noise pollution levels. It’s a no brainer to look for mini excavator hire if you oversee managing a construction site of any kind.