The Difference Between Blankets and Quilts – Explained

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A complete bed look requires a number of bedding accessories. However, sometimes while shopping for these bedding accessories can get a little confusing. There are quite a few bed items that might feel similar but are however different.

Two such commonly misinterpreted bedding items are bed blankets and bed quilts. With winters coming soon, many of us start looking for the perfect bedding linen for the much-needed warmth and coziness. But many start getting confused as to whether they should buy blankets or quilts because of not knowing what differs between them.

However, if you want to make an appropriate choice before buying blankets online or quilts online, you must have a complete understanding of both these bedding accessories. To know more, read ahead.

Below is a detailed differential analysis between blankets and quilts.


There’s a difference in the layers of a quilt and cotton blanket. A quilt has three layers, i.e., a bottom layer, middle bating, and a top layer. The top layer is made of different pieces of fabric. In comparison, a blanket is made up of a single layer only, i.e., of a particular material. Hence, there are different types of blankets such as 100% cotton blanket, organic cotton blanket, fleece blanket, mink blanket, wool blanket, etc.


The weight and thickness of a blanket differ from a quilt. Whether it is a double bed quilt or a single bed quilt, a quilt is always heavier and thicker than a blanket and is used to stay warm in winters. Also, if a quilt is made of 100% cotton filling, it can be used in summer and spring. On the other hand, a blanket is not heavy but is thick.

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Texture and Shape

Texture and shape are other criteria that distinguish a quilt from a blanket. A blanket has a much softer and smooth texture than a quilt. And the shape of a quilt is usually square, whereas that of a blanket is rectangular.


The top layer of a quilt differs from the bottom layer. The top layer is given a dazzling attractive look of patchwork where different colors or pieces of fabric are put together to provide a unique texture or pattern of design like floral prints or geometrics, or other prints, but a single piece of cloth can also be used. Hence, a quilt is much-preferred bedding to accentuate the home decor. However, both sides are generally the same in a blanket and not as decorative as a quilt.

Now that you know the difference between a quilt and a blanket, you can make an informed decision while purchasing bedding accessories. Also, if you’re searching for bedding online, head to Portico. They have a wide variety of quilts and blankets available with many other bedding items too.