The Wow Effect With the meduse light

Home improvement

This type of lighting is very decorative and gives a dramatic effect when the pendant is installed next to the sofa or on the dining table.

How to choose the right pendant size?

Every room must have a meduse light lamp.A giant pendant, disproportionate to other furniture in the room, guarantees a WOW effect in your decor.But this proposal is bold, we know, and you want to get it right, so here are my magic formulas to calculate the size of the lamp that works for your space:

  • If you are going to hang the lamp on a table, the pendant must be ⅓ the size of it.
  • That is, for a 1.20m dining table the ideal is to use a 40cm pendant. Or 2 pendants of 20cm side by side.
  • This rule also applies to pendants fixed on bedside tables, coffee tables or side tables.
  • For very long countertops, counters or tables, it is best to spread several smaller pendants of the same model on the top.
  • If you are going to hang the lamp on the ceiling as general lighting for the environment, the formula I taught in the ceiling guide is worth it.

How do I set the pendant height?

That is the million dollar question. If you hang the lamp too high, you risk losing it in space. If you hang the lamp too low, it will block the view and give the impression that the space is smaller, not to mention the roosters. But the WOW factor also counts here. If you want to make an impact, nothing better than a beautiful pendant right in the middle of the room on the coffee table.

It’s like I always say:

Fixtures are the decoration’s jewels. Take a look at this inspiration gallery and let us use the jewels in the decoration of your home.