Three Important Factors to Consider when Building a Swimming Pool

Home improvement

A swimming pool is a major investment and you have many style options to choose from. Whether you want an in-ground or above-ground, painted or tiled, concrete or fiberglass composite, and infinity edge or lap pool, you want one that meets your requirements. The key  to making good investment decision is to do your research. So, if you are interested in building a pool in your outdoor space, below are some considerations to keep in mind:

Your Reason for Having a Pool

Your reason for building a pool will greatly influence its shape, size, depth, and even the kind of construction. Are you going to use the pool for laps, relaxing, or recreation? Is the pool for your kids and their friends, or to improve or highlight the view? By having a clear idea of its purpose, the rest of the decisions will be easy to sort out. 

Suitability of the Site

A pool is easy to build in a level site and if your site is slopes steeply, construction cost is expected to be higher. Ground conditions like a high-water table or very sandy, unstable, or rock soil will also make construction trickier. If your area is prone to slips, earthquakes, flooding, or stormwater-run-off, you must commission a geotechnical engineering report or have a soil test done to evaluate the suitability of the site. 

Your location’s size will naturally determine the shape and size of the swimming pool. Small urban sites have strict requirements on any kind of construction close to boundaries, for example. Also, neighbouring trees or other buildings will limit where you can install a pool. But, Piscine De Mone pool builders can usually help find solutions to these problems.  They have been in business for many years so they already know the ins and outs of pool building. 


A basic concrete pool can have the same cost as one made of fiberglass composite. The cost should be around $35, 000, However, a lot of concrete pools have a customised shape and size, so they could usually have a higher price. You may need to spend at least $50, 000 for a customised concrete pool and a lot of extra costs must be factored in such as heating, decking, covers, and landscaping. Also, there are ongoing costs of filtration and keeping the water clean. The biggest maintenance cost for pools is the lining. You may need to acid-wash some concreate pools every 3-5 years or re-plaster or re-surface them every 10-15 years.