What are Portable Noise Barriers?


When you’re trying to get some work done, it can be hard to focus when there is a lot of noise going on around you. Portable sound barriers are the perfect solution for this problem! Noise barriers help block unwanted sounds and keep your workspace more private. They also make it easier to hear what’s happening around you because they absorb sound instead of reflecting it like regular walls do so that conversations near the barrier will still be audible but not as loud.

These portable barriers come in many different sizes and shapes so they can fit into any area or space without taking up too much room – especially helpful if you have limited space at home or in an office setting.

Key characteristics of portable noise barriers

Portable noise barriers are panels which have the capability to block and absorb noise. When placed near serious sources of sound, the barrier absorbs and reflects it, helping prevent significant amounts from escaping into unwanted areas such as residential neighbourhoods.

Like other forms of sound barriers, portable noise barriers are made of absorptive materials that are capable of controlling the movement of soundwaves.

Portable noise control barriers are able to both reflect sound while absorbing most of what’s left over. Ultimately, they reduce overall noise levels in areas bordering busy streets by up to 50%.

Why portable noise barriers are used in Singapore

Nowadays, noise pollution is an ever-growing issue. When it comes to construction sites that are close to residential areas, contractors must comply with NEA’s regulations or else they will be fined heavily for their negligence of safety and regulations in place. To ensure this goal line is met, many companies install noise barriers near these locations so we can reduce noise levels down to an acceptable range while avoiding disputes from nearby residents and fines up to S$40 000 if our contractor fails the requirements set forth by NEA’s laws on boundaries around noisy properties.

More importantly, just like their other counterparts, portable noise barriers in Singapore have been shown reduce levels of air pollution–a major contributor climate change-renewable energy production; improve public health through decreasing our exposure time in areas where high volumes of traffic emit harmful gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide which can lead cardiovascular disease as well worsen respiratory conditions.

A versatile variety of noise barrier

The way that these fully-mobile, customizable portable noise barriers’ work is simple; they reduce unwanted noises by absorbing and diffusing them to create a “wall” barrier against any potential complaints. This system works on every application because it can be configured for any situation – from highways with high traffic volumes to residences near airports.

A cost-effective alternative

Portable noise barriers surround and isolate noise sources in order to reduce their impact on nearby residents. These products are a cost-effective way of reducing traffic or construction site sounds from reaching your premises.

These barriers are usually set up in areas where temporary activities that generate unwanted sound are conducted. These include smaller construction sites, public utility repairs, road repairs, and machine operations.

Portable noise barriers in Singapore are also easy to disassemble after use. When no longer needed, they can be taken out of the premises and stored in a safe place (such as a storage or warehouse facility) until such time that they are to be used again. This prevents you from incurring expenses for sound mitigation for every outdoor activity you will be doing moving forward.