What Are The Best Practices For Office Cleaning?


Cleaning is a demanding job that requires experience and skill. To achieve great results, janitorial contractors should establish work plans and checklists.

Studies show that computer keyboards and telephone handsets can harbor more germs than toilet seats! Special disinfecting wipes should be used on high-touch surfaces.

Other apparent elements that require routine care include countertops and dividers. These need to be free from fingerprints, scuff marks, and dirt.

Start Small

Starting any business can be overwhelming. Breaking down the necessary tasks into smaller, more manageable projects is vital. For example, in a commercial cleaning business, owners may want to begin by scrubbing floors and emptying trash cans, then move on to dusting surfaces and sweeping or vacuuming public areas.

Another project a new commercial cleaning company can start with is creating a pricing system that will work for their business. Many cleaning companies choose to charge per hour or by square foot. If they are still determining how much to trust, they can send out surveys or visit local businesses to ask if they would be interested in hiring them.

Reputable commercial office cleaners will be punctual and courteous when working with clients. They will be careful with office equipment and furniture while completing every task. They will also restock supplies such as toilet paper and soap.


Throughout a lifetime, it can be easy to accumulate books, pictures, and other knick-knacks that serve no purpose or take up space. This is detrimental to maintaining a clean workspace because clutter can cause stress and distractions. It can also lead to decreased productivity, as there is a direct correlation between a messy desk and a decline in overall efficiency.

For this reason, it’s crucial to declutter your home or office regularly. This can be done by going through your belongings and removing anything you no longer need or use. Horderly, a national service specializing in organization and decluttering, has a simple rule: dozens of employees abide by one in, one out.

In addition, organizing your space by putting items together (e.g., books, office supplies) and removing any unused items is a good idea. This will make keeping your area organized and tidy more accessible, especially when cleaning.

Clean as You Go

A well-trained janitorial team can make cleaning more efficient, leaving more time for other essential tasks. The best NYC janitorial services will also use cleaning checklists to ensure every area is cleaned properly and thoroughly.

Janitorial teams should start by cleaning the high-touch areas, such as light switches and register buttons. This way, they can wipe down surfaces that many people touch and avoid spreading germs to other office areas.

They should also vacuum the carpets, dust high-traffic areas, and wipe down all surfaces that receive regular use. In addition, they should clean all windows and sanitize refrigerator handles.

A good janitorial service will understand that office cleaning New York City needs to change occasionally, so they will be flexible and adapt to meet those changes. For example, if a business hires more employees, they may want to increase the frequency of cleaning services. They can also adjust the cleaning schedule if a company decides to move offices or add a new item to the list of things to be cleaned.

Plan Ahead

The best office cleaning New York City services tailor their work to the needs of each client. They know that the break room is dirtiest on Thursdays and that private offices need extra care in behind-the-scenes spaces. They also know that the wood in historic interiors must be polished and that modernist offices need careful dusting to look their best.

You can also keep your office cleaning New York City simple by removing clutter, keeping your desk tidy, and using disinfectant wipes for touch-point surfaces that germs tend to transfer between. That way, you can spend more time doing your work in a clean environment.

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