Why More Homeowners Than Ever Are Switching to Metal Roofs

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It used to be the case that metal roofing was only considered a viable option for commercial buildings. Over the past few years, all that has changed. Today’s homeowners are much more likely to install metal roofs than their predecessors. Read on to find out about the benefits of metal roofing that are driving this change.

Impressive Durability

Metal roofing is far more durable than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. The average lifespan of high-quality metal roofing is 50 to 60 years and with adequate maintenance, they can last even longer. Most homeowners who opt to install metal roofing will never have to think about reroofing their homes again.

Moss and Fungus Resistance

Asphalt shingle and wood shake roofs are prone to moss, mildew, and fungus growth. These issues aren’t just aesthetic concerns, either. Moss and fungi can damage roofing materials and trap excess moisture, leading to premature leaks. With metal roofing, there’s no need to worry about constantly removing moss, mildew, and mushrooms.

Pest Resistance

Rodents and other pests often find their way into residential homes through the roof. They can destroy plywood and asphalt shingles, making entry into the attic easy. Once they’ve infested the home’s attic, they will go on to destroy insulation, wiring, and other building materials, leave behind droppings, and otherwise make a mess of everything. Metal roofing is much more effective at keeping rats, mice, squirrels, and even raccoons, out.

Weather Resistance

Metal roofs can withstand even the worst of Mother Nature’s fury. They’re wind-resistant, hail resistant, and fire-resistant. That’s good news for homeowners who live in less than ideal climates since it means no roof repairs following even serious storms.

High Thermal Emissivity

Metal has high thermal emissivity, meaning it can readily absorb and release heat. To the uninitiated, that may sound like a bad thing. The metal roof will absorb heat from the sun during the day, which seems like it should make the home hotter.

In fact, the opposite is true. Metal releases heat much faster than asphalt and reflects most of the heat from the sun during the day to keep metal-roofed houses cool. Asphalt, on the other hand, absorbs a good deal of heat, then holds onto it well into the night.

Great for All Seasons

Metal roofing is just as good for homeowners with harsh winter climates as it is for those who live in hotter areas. That’s because, unlike other types of roofing, it isn’t prone to ice dams. Ice dams are one of the primary causes of leaky roofs in cold climates, but metal roofing can help to prevent snow and ice accumulation. This makes it less likely that ice dams will form.

Aesthetic Benefits

Gone are the days when the only metal roofing products available were thought of as unsightly, at best. Today’s homeowners have plenty of steel roofing options at their disposal, many of which can actually add to the property’s curb appeal. Those who want to go the extra mile can even purchase stone-coated steel shingles.

The Bottom Line

Metal roofing isn’t just for commercial businesses. It’s perfect for residential homes. Just make sure to find a roofer with plenty of experience working with dimensional shingles and other advanced products to take full advantage of everything this material has to offer.