Why Pole Buildings Are In Demand


Pole barn, or post-frame, buildings were originally almost exclusively used in agricultural areas but are now seen everywhere. As the name implies, the original structures were barns. The style is unique since buildings have no foundations, and the sides are made of aluminum or corrugated steel panels. They are supported by poles set in the ground at intervals. The interiors are very spacious because there are no walls. Today thousands of customers hire Pole Building Contractors to create storage, agricultural, commercial, and residential post-frame structures. The durable structures go up quickly, are economical, and offer unlimited design options.

Buildings Are Affordable and Quick to Build

Post-frame buildings are very simple, and it takes less building materials to create them than traditional construction. That reduces overall material costs and working hours, making pole barns construction economical. Contractors place posts directly into the ground, eliminating the need for a foundation. Building owners save the time and money needed to pour a foundation. Contractors construct buildings on slabs. The basic construction style also reduces overall maintenance costs, since structures are easy to repair.

The total length of time it takes to put up a structure depends on its use and complexity. However, professionals can often construct a 2,000-3,000 building in two weeks, which is much faster than other buildings. Some landowners order and build their own post-frame structures; however, most people hire experienced contractors who ensure quality results and provide guarantees. Contractors can also customize buildings to clients’ tastes.

Structures Are Built to Last

Post-frame barns can last for decades because they easily withstand years of wind, rain, snow, and blazing-hot summers. Even during extreme storms, the wind’s force is transferred to the soil via the rugged poles. Contractors who build post-frame structures also calculate snow loads during the design phase to ensure buildings hold up under the heaviest snow.

The Design Has a Variety of Uses

Interest in post-frame buildings has increased as the public has discovered more uses for them. Clients order the simple, cost-effective, easy-to-build structures to use as:

  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Man caves
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Hobby spaces
  • Homes/Cabins

Pole Barn Homes Offer Design Choices

The trend in post-frame houses has been partially spurred by the fact that buildings include open spaces that lend themselves to creative designs. There are no load-bearing walls because poles support the roof. Contractors can adapt structures to create an almost endless variety of interior arrangements. Although most homes have metal exterior walls and siding, customers can request standard roofing and siding. Many of these open-concept homes are stunningly beautiful.

Homes are considered energy-efficient and are easier to insulate than traditional structures. Since there are fewer thermal breaks than with standard construction, heating, and cooling houses is affordable. With these advantages in mind, “barndominiums” that look like barns but have home-like amenities have become sought after in some parts of the country.

The simple post-frame construction originally reserved for barns and farm outbuildings has been adapted for modern use. Today clients order the buildings for a range of uses, including homes, garages, and workshops. Demand has increased because structures are affordable, fast to build, and energy-efficient. Their open interior spaces also translate into elegant designs.