Wool Carpets-Great Natural Accomplishment towards Floor Decoration

Home improvement

A beautiful floor adds more beauty to the place. There are many ways to decorate the floor in which some are expensive and some are complicated but the most simple and affordable one is carpet, which does not only cover the floor but also enhances the charm of the interior. There are different types of carpet in the markets but the wool carpets are considered best among them. In the homes, restaurants and in other public places owners like to place wool carpets. Because of the quality and durability wool carpets have a good reputation. They give an excellent and aesthetic appearance that catches the eyes of the viewers. The wool carpets are available in different designs, shapes and sizes. There are two types of wool carpets which are as follows.

  • Natural Touch

The natural wool carpets are totally made up of wool. There is no other material included in these carpets. Therefore, these carpets provide great natural touch along with providing the real taste of wool. Natural wool carpets are usually made from the wool of New Zealand and British sheep.

  • Wool Mix Carpet

Wool is a strong material and it does not need any other material to be stronger but due to some reasons, in carpets it is mixed with synthetic fibers. These carpets are known as wool mix carpets. It contains 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibers.

Benefits of Wool Carpets.

Now it depends on you whether you want 100% wool carpet or 80% wool carpets but both are useful in themselves. If you ask me then I suggest you go with natural wool carpets because they are more pure and classy. The benefits of wool carpets are below.

  • Durable

Wool carpets are famous all over the world due to their strength. As natural wool is used in them they have the capacity to be on the floor of any home for many years. Wool carpets are the perfect solution for the high traffic area. They do not compromise on their durability and if you care about them well then it can easily run for more than 10 years.

  • Easy to Maintain

We have told you that the wool carpets can run for a long time if they are maintained well. But how to maintain them? Is it a difficult procedure? Don’t worry! It is not difficult. Wool does not absorb dirt and that’s why a vacuum cleaner is enough to clean them. If you want to remove the stains then you can do it yourself. For this, there is only a need for a wet cloth.

  • Fire Resistant

Due to their fire-resistant feature, wool carpets increase the safety of the home. Wool carpets do not burn and they prevent fire from spreading. They provide real benefits on the investment of the floor.

  • Comfort and Warmth

Wool is a naturally soft material. Therefore, wool carpets have a real softness in them. They are attractive and warm which enables the cold floor to sit and stand.  They are so soft even you can sleep on them.